Get Stronger, Run Faster

My goal is to keep you injury free, and help you realize your potential as a runner. My training philosophy is rooted in close to twenty years of experience coaching athletes of all ages, including professional and collegiate runners. I have an M.S. in kinesiology and applied physiology from the University of Colorado, which, combined with my practical experience, allows me to customize training for a variety of athletes.

  • You'll get customized training that will allow you to maximize the time you spending training. I’ll give you feedback to ensure that you’re training the right way for your unique environment and your unique race goals.

  • I'll help you with race strategy and strategic planning for goal races.

  • I'll give you the right workouts at the right time of year so you’re ready to PR at the most important races.

  • I'll assign you specific strength and mobility exercises, often via video, to keep you injury free. I’ll write progressions that continue to improve your strength month after month, which will help you run PRs.

A Quick Story

  • My son, a junior in high school, had come off a tough cross county season – tough because he was working hard but wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. He was mentally burned out and burdened with stress injuries. Moving forward, he wanted to make the most of winter training but would frequently say, “I just don’t know what to do!” And neither did I. We had stacks of how-to books and had read dozens of articles, but none of them could map out an individualized training program, something he could plug in-to and trust. That’s when I started looking for winter training options.  
  • I found that options, especially for high school aged athletes, are slim. Additionally, we live in a very rural area and don’t have access to an indoor track or running clubs. We needed a coach who would factor in his unique situation: running alone, on dirt roads, in the cold and snow.  After vetting the list and weighing in cost – there’s a huge range in what you can spend and what you get in return – we decided to go with Coach Jay Johnson.  
  • As a Mom, the best thing about training with Jay was that my son could finally relax – the stress of “what should I be doing?” was gone. For him, motivation to train has never been an issue – how to train has been. His entire week was lined out and I could see a huge weight lift from his shoulders. He learned new running techniques and incorporated stretch and mobility exercises that have become a way of life and kept him injury free.  
  • My son entered track season in excellent shape and with confidence. Not only did he have a successful season, but he enjoyed it more than ever before. For him, Jay’s training – and trusting in the years of experience that went into planning his individualized winter program – allowed him to simply focus on what he loves to do – run! I couldn’t recommend Coach Jay Johnson’s program more highly.
    Liberty DeGrandpre

  • Doug Petrick - High School Coach
    It's critical to understand the fundamentals behind the workouts — the why behind the distance training theory — if you want to get better as a coach or an athlete. Each year that I've attended the Boulder Running Camps with my athletes, Coach Jay's presentations on the Fundamentals of Running have helped deepen our knowledge behind the training and the workouts.  In turn, it's help me evolve as a coach and more effectively communicate training theory to my athletes. Jay has a unique way to explain the science behind training for distance runners that is easy to grasp, dense with information, and interesting to learn. If you are a coach or athlete that is aspiring to sharpen your craft, the Fundamentals of Running is a must have.  
    Doug Petrick - High School Coach

Adult Coaching and Consultations

I enjoy working with adults who have the right mindset and are willing to buy into my approach to training. I’ve successfully worked with adults racing distances from one mile to one hundred miles. Email me if you’re an adult runner who wants to stay injury free and enjoy the process of training and racing.

I offer consultations to help answer questions and get you pointed in the right direction. Please send me an email detailing your needs and we can formulate a plan that works for you. Prices vary, as will the method we use to communicate (Skype, FaceTime, phone).

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