Below are your Strength and Mobility downloads!

Here’s the deal: if you want to be the best runner you can be and if you want to decrease the chance of injury, you need to be doing SAM after every run (and ideally after every cross training day).

SAM is comprised of Core Strength, Hip Strength and Hip Mobility exercises, together in one routine that takes just 10 minutes for SAM Easy and roughly 15 minutes for SAM Hard.

What is the difference between SAM Easy and SAM Hard? You do SAM Easy following your easy runs/recovery days. You do SAM Hard following your challenging workouts and long runs. For most of the adults I coach, this means they do SAM Hard twice a week and SAM Easy 3-4 times a week.

You need to start with Phase 1; when you master Phase 1, you move to Phase 2. In the coming months we will have the next three Phases ready for you so you can continue to build your core strength, hip strength and hip mobility.

SAM is not a nice to do, but rather a need to do. This work is not optional if you want to become the best runner you can be and decrease your chance of injury.

Here are the corresponding PDFs to the videos hosted on YouTube. You need to watch the videos a time or two, then you can use the PDF to refresh your memory as to what each exercise is.

Phase 1, Easy Day -  PDF
Phase 1, Hard Day -  PDF

Phase 2, Easy Day -  PDF
Phase 2, Hard Day -  PDF

Phase 3, Easy Day - PDF
Phase 3, Hard Day - PDF

If you want to run a big PR and have the sensation of your legs feeling strong in the final mile(s) of the race, you’ve gotta do the SAM work.