• Fundamentals of Running Video Course

    The Fundamentals of Running Videos cover just enough exercise physiology to allow you to understand why athletes and coaches need to do certain workouts, and do them at certain times in the year.

  • Course Specific Emails

    You’ll get fifteen emails unique to the course, covering topics from the videos and webinars, as well as Q&A.

  • Six Webinars

    Three webinars will cover nutrition for high school runners, the recruiting process and sports psychology for high school runners. Two of the best high school coaches in the country, John O’Malley, boys coach at Sandburg (IL), and Dan Iverson, girls coach at Naperville North (IL), will join me for separate webinars. The last webinar will be a Q&A with me where I will answer questions, both live questions and questions submitted prior to the webinar.

The Knowledge You Need

This course is designed for high school athletes and coaches who are hungry for knowledge. If you're an athlete who is dying to PR, a coach who wants to hone your craft, or a parent who wants to be better informed, this course is for you.

  • Doug Petrick - High School Coach
    It's critical to understand the fundamentals behind the workouts — the why behind the distance training theory — if you want to get better as a coach or an athlete. Each year that I've attended the Boulder Running Camps with my athletes, Coach Jay's presentations on the Fundamentals of Running have helped deepen our knowledge behind the training and the workouts.  In turn, it's help me evolve as a coach and more effectively communicate training theory to my athletes. Jay has a unique way to explain the science behind training for distance runners that is easy to grasp, dense with information, and interesting to learn. If you are a coach or athlete that is aspiring to sharpen your craft, the Fundamentals of Running is a must have.  
    Doug Petrick - High School Coach
Fundamentals Education Course

Video - Fundamentals of Running Presentation

Video - "The List" Presentation

Webinar - Nutrition for High School Runners - Carwyn Sharp, PhD

Webinar - Sports Psychology for Runners - Meg Waldron

Webinar - College Recruiting Process Explained - Jay Johnson

Webinars - John O'Malley, boys coach at Sandburg (IL)

Webinar - Dan Iverson, girls coach at Naperville North (IL)

Webinar - Q&A with Coach Jay

Emails - Exclusive Weekly Emails (15 weeks)